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Antique Tubs  






Antique Tubs   

Tubs and More specialize in restoration of antique bathtubs and pedestal sinks.  Own a piece of history and enjoy a longer lasting bath in an original cast iron tub. 

Why most choose and antique tub instead of a modern replica? 

The antique tubs of the early 1900’s are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain.  The antique tub replicas are made of acrylic and are not as solid as the original tubs. 

When the tub is used for a bath instead of a shower, the bather will enjoy an extended bath time in the cast iron tub compared to the bather in the acrylic tub.  The water temperature will be maintained for a much longer period of time in cast iron versus acrylic.

What is the process? 

First, we sandblast the tub to remove all rust.  After the tub is sandblasted, we then etch the tub and repair all chips and cracks in the porcelain finish.  Once all repairs are complete, we then spray our acrylic coating on the tub until proper strength and finish are achieved.   

What is my choice of colors? 

The standard choice of colors is almond or white.  Many customers choose to have a solid color both inside and out or multi-color whereby colors differ on the inside and outside.   Many recent customers have requested granite colors on the outside and a solid color on the inside with a complimenting color on the feet. 

Any color combination can be achieved; additional charges may apply for special colors.

How long will my new finish last? 

In most cases our finishes last 10+ years.  All services provided by Tubs and More come with a guarantee.

How do I clean my refinished bathtub? 

It will be important to avoid cleaners that have abrasives like Ajax or Comet; Soft scrub even has a mild agent that will damage a newly finished tub over time. 

We offer a product that is designed not only to clean the tub, but also is designed to maintain the original luster of the bathtub.  If you do not use our product, we suggest using a cleaner that is safe for acrylics.  Our cleaner is designed for all refinished surfaces; contact our office for products.

Is there a warranty on antique tub refinishing?    

Tubs and More offer a warranty on our refinishing services that protect against peeling, blistering or warping. 

Our warranty does not cover any damage to fixtures caused by natural wear and tear, stains, negligence, accidents, abuse, misuse alterations or improper maintenance.

For full details on our warranty, feel free to contact us for a copy of our most current warranty statement.

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