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Clean Cut Bath



Clean Cut Bath

Tubs and More is an independent Clean Cut Bath installer, providing solutions to convert most bathtubs into a walk-in shower.

Installation of the Clean Cut Bath includes cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Clean Cut Bath. The Clean Cut Bath can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including - fiberglass, steel or even cast iron! The Clean Cut Bath is a perfect option to retrofit your bath tub into a walk in shower.  

Benefits and features of the Clean Cut Bath® include: 


  • Eliminates the need to rip out existing tub. Installed in the existing tub.
  • Provides easier access into bath/shower area. 
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls. 
  • Typically Installed in less than one day. 
  • Cost to install products is fraction of cost compared to expensive bathroom remodeling job. 
  • Inexpensive and ideal solution for both personal residences, senior housing, hotels and other locations. 
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